Nursery Crimes EP

by The City Of Sirens

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DOM i honestly had no idea that this album came out until i saw something about it on facebook. when i finallt got around to listening to it i immediately fell in love with the upbeat easycore sound. this entire album is stupidly catchy and the fact that its one guy makes it crazier. buy it Favorite track: Three Blind Mice.
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released September 28, 2014



all rights reserved


The City Of Sirens Cleveland, Ohio

Cleveland Hardcore Pop Punk. All music and production, written and engineered by: Rob Parrigan


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Track Name: Hot Crossed Buns
I deserve better than this.
I can't let this stop me. Live everlasting.
Hope won't come cheap when I'm without you.
Now the less I hear, the less I pay, because I still know that
we'll be together some day.

Don't give me that look when you know you weren't there for me.
Just because I'm over reacting doesn't mean
you can say what you please. So watch your mouth
when you come talk to me, because my back is getting heavy
I'm the only one supporting the team.
Don't waste your time, don't raise one glass for me.
I won't bat an eye as long as I don't seem pathetic to me.
So just shut me out and let your thoughts retreat, because
I'm feeling kind of dangerous and know one
really knows it but me.
(If I'm not dead then I'm still living)

I guess what doesn't kill me can make me stronger.
Resisting mind over matter shoots me straight to disaster.
I guess I'll give the go ahead, but I'll just have to learn to be stronger.
Because I deserve better than this..

What you call self respect, it's blasphemy.
You're looking like a prodigy but acting like a common disease.
Revenge is sweet at best when it ends tragedy, but just because you come a dime a dozen, so quit acting like you're better than me.
When the truth unfolds and you're stuck on your knees,
I know you're thinking twice before you ever
coming fucking with me.


(Yea because that's where my faith resides)
But when my favorite place in the whole wide world,
is next you..

I can't let this stop me. live everlasting. Hope won't come cheap
when I'm without you now the less I hear the less I pay,
Because I deserve better than this.

Track Name: Hickory Dickory Dock
Quite a bit of time has passed,
The snow has started falling and the rest is history.
It's only getting tougher, because you never learned to suffer.
You can keep your sympathy, cause she's acting all celebrity
and she's out of her league. Plus, all nonchalant she'll just
lie through her teeth. Be careful when you go, because
what she doesn't know, is that this game isn't over until
I say its over.
(Say its not over, I'll beg you please)

There's no use in bringing me down, because I've already
lost it. So stand between a man and all that he desires. You're
about to learn what happens when you play around with fire.

So I guess I'm gonna gun it, 'cause I'm barely in the running, and
the worst just set me free. I got no where else to go, so
I'll just find it on my own. I mean, it's not like I'll get some sleep.
She's a little crazier than you would believe, this girls got
a gun someone call the police. It's harder than we need, because
What she doesn't see, is despite what she thinks
She's not better than me.
(Say it's not over, beg you please)
That's when you need to just man the fuck up!


Don't fade away somehow, just stay with me closely, I won't make a sound
Track Name: Ring Around the Rosie
Scream half the battle is me, when the .
roar from the crowd
is the last thing I need to sing. So I turn my back like it's all pretend.
You'll never really know about the things you're missing anyway.
But I'll know that face like the back of my hand.
(But who the fuck are you, because life's what I make it?)

I'm breaking down the walls!
(Welcome to the death of me)
You cannot control what you did not create.
Stand or fall!
(A lesson learned in life to me)
It's something I was told that I cannot replace
(Don't go jumping off the deep end)
Because I stand up for all free men. Its your decision to make so it's
the last thing they'll take and Im killing them softly.
You need to awake and find the right words to say, because the endings
alot closer than we're pretending. Here comes the part
where I spoil the ending.

You'll never comprehend what is happening.
(This is the best way)
You're fighting with your back up against the wall because no one
really cares what you have to say. So I go back to free the light in me.
I guess I'll start where you lied to me. Now go tell your friends
that I'm such a disgrace. They'll know thier place when I laugh in thier face.



(Don't go jumping of the deep end, because I'd watch you burn)

So I guess I'll start where, (so I guess ill start where)
You lied to me.
Then I'll just pick myself up off the ground!
Track Name: It's Raining, It's Pouring
Go and discover what gives you the best wings because,
Until you feel the breeze through your finger tips it's not fair
for you to tell me it's not worth the trip. Then it occurred to me,
That you stand on my chest when you know I can't breathe.
Don't you say we almost had it. Call ecstatic all dramatic.

What am I waiting for?
When the answer is right here in front of me like a platform,
exploding beneath my feet. As it seems, I think I'll just
stay until you fall asleep. It's getting kind of late,
I might take that lift home. Atleast to a pay phone,
or I'll find my way home. Ive waited such a long time for this.
You're just one last thing I can check off my list.
I won't be just a victim to heart break.


Believe in the fact that I'll face this alone.
I'd take it all back and I hope that you know,
that I'd forget everything but it don't Change a thing.
Letting go is easy when you never seen the best of me.
I know I'll look back on this old disaster,
to re-live the laughter, and chase what im after.
I've waited such a long time for this,
You're just one last thing I can check off my list.
Don't discover the summer when it's too late.


You're moving faster away.

Track Name: London Bridge is Falling Down
So back and fourth we dropped the swords that launched the catapult.
The stroke was floored and you destroyed my existence.
The fact remains, I'm not the same, and that's ok with me.
It's a sacrifice I need to build my resistance. That's what we
Call the moment of reckoning. Even though I hate to say it,
but the fact still remains. There's no turning back when you save yourself.
So save yourself.

That's when it dawned on me, if you believe
you can be anything you want to be. Reach out for your dreams,
learn that they'll set you free. When your hearts beating faster on the
brink of disaster, there's no need to let go of what you're chasing after.
That's the last time I let you smother me, just in case you don't hear me

You got me feeling like I'm sinking now please,
stop me from going under. The kind of feeling, when
You're screaming out, because every little thing you say is wrong.
But you will see who's the last one that's laughing, when
all that remains of the likes of me were my keys to the back door.
By the way she started freaking out you'd think, nobody ever loved her.
She grabbed a bag and she packed her things and said; "I'm
caught up in the middle of a fantasy. We're not enemies but for the best of me it's just that time I let you go. But in the end I wouldn't change a thing because I already miss you so.."

That's what we call the moment of reckoning.
I don't need your help landing safely back on my feet, but
That's the last time I let you smother me.

I got my head stuck up in the clouds so somebody stop the weather.
Handle that then get back to me because I'm caught up in the middle
just make it stop, or not and go right to the top. Just on the off Chance that I'll get the last dance, so by the way she started freaking out you'd think nobody ever loved her.
(Handle that then get back to me because I'm caught up in the middle just make it stop.)


Light em up, Light em up like a firework, and
be the spark that explodes them to pieces.
All in all we're standing tall to be a monument,
To all of those whose life's a disaster.

That's the last time I let you smother me.
Track Name: One, Two, Buckle My Shoe
If you pay attention you can follow where the wind blows,
Only if you listen closely as it whispers in your window:
"You must sail away, but don't be afraid." But I guess
it doesn't matter when you're KICKING IN THE FUCKING BACK DOOR!
Prepare for take off!!

This is a final call, to those with no respect.
I'm fighting back because I have too, to resurrect.

Giving it your all never seemed settling.
Of course I'm getting colder it's a side effect of battling.
There is only one of two ways this can go:
Gather your things girl and I'll take you home, or
you can stick around here and fake what you fight for.
I guess it doesn't matter when you're kicking in
the fucking back door. Prepare for take off!

If you pay attention you can follow where the wind blows.
Only if you listen closely as it whispers in your window;
"You must sail away but don't afraid because, like it or not
every dog has it's day"

Giving up it all when you stress disbelief.
It never seemed to cut it on the path to reach supremacy.
Then I see your lies are just as black as my soul,
Decaying my thoughts when my heart's paved in gold.
I can make a phone call but it's not like you'll answer.
I guess it doesn't matter when you're kicking in the fucking back door.
Prepare for take off!


Ready set go!
Here's a prelude to the weak:
I Bet You Watch Your Mouth When I'm Smashing Out Your Fucking Teeth.
The worst is going first. Im butchering your family just so I can quench the thirst. Look into my eyes and tell me you're not petrified.

Prepare for take off!
Track Name: Jack and Jill, Went Up the Hill (ft.Haley Maxwell)
I Should've known,
I should've known why you kept me around, when
your heart wasn't calling my name. It's the same reason
You're needing me now, because you're to scared to be lonley.
I know I shouldn't even be standing here now.
But my confidence is miles from here and the roads unclear, but I still can't face another two years without you my dear.

I can't for the life of me, breakdown and take your call.
I know that I've cut deep, you've been calling since last fall.
I might be to blame, but I won't be ashamed dear
because nothing has changed here. The heart wants what
it wants, and it'll take what it needs. That's why it breaks us apart and casts our love out to sea. So I'll just sing to you Softly,
I'm bad with farewell so I guess this song's from me.


How can I make you see that I'd take the fall? but
you're telling me that you don't care at all? Go ahead
and believe that there's people out there who feel just like me.
I was more ashamed then betrayed because I know that you
know what has happened to me. So ill just to you Softly,
I'm bad with farewell so I guess this song's from me.


So hear the words I say, because I won't be here some day and I mean this whole heartedly. I hope that someday love will set you free.

Track Name: Three Blind Mice
Is this tall enough?
Because I can feel the ground breaking underneath my feet.
Don't forget what you stand for!

Don't show your face, play the role if you have to,
Because no one can save you but me. So run away find
somebody if you'd like to, but no one will know you like me.
If I'm not mistaken, I can hear your heart breaking.
It's killing me to be the one who sees you begging on your knees

I told you that I want it now I'm feeling like I need it
along with everything else I should say. I can't make you feel a thing.
You'll catch me hanging out the window,
Making my escape to some place but here and
I'm sorry to tell you that I tend to disappear, so
there's not much to say.

Take two of these and I'll catch
you in the morning cause I'm heading out the back
as I break for the street. I'm just getting older with this heart
around my shoulders and its only getting harder to say.
what did you take me for? Did I take a chance with any others?
I guess I'm the kind of guy that paints a town in crazy colors.
Did you catch a thing I said? You'll need a little more than probably,
If you think you're stopping me. This ship is sinking.

There's no stopping me when I keep rolling with the punches
it's too bad you won't be there to see. Unnaturally I can tell
You got the message its the last time you'll ever see me
Don't forget what you stand for
(Because everyone else will)
Atleast you'll know what you did this for
(Because nobody else will)



Forever after I'll just bare my hearts ember and I'm sorry
September never cared to remember me.
A batterd sky shall awake to the sound of thunder,
The fear of drowning is for those who plan on going under.
a diamond in the rough who's not afraid to take a stand, carries
Out the prophecy that unrestricts the peasants hands. I feel you close to me there's nothing left for to die for. A man alone always goes neglected never more. You find a stepping stone when hope is an anomaly,
Because I refuse to lend a hand to this hipocracy.
Is this tall enough? If there's a god make this a fantasy